Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Year ago...

A year ago (last week) on Oct 7th, I had life altering surgery. I had a gastric bypass. It was a decision I had wrestled with for a few years. My health was getting bad and I was very unhappy. Since my surgery I have regained so much of my health back and reached my goal weight!

I'm very happy and content with myself and what I have accomplished. I have not weighed what I weigh now since high school. My clothes were a size 22-24 and now range between a 6-8. I feel fresh and like I have a new lease on life.

I have been busy living and celebrating with my family. We have been getting closer since I'm able to be more active now.

That's my update on me.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes, I was

Okay, I admit it. I was in hiding. I cut myself off from everyone for several months. Two reasons: I had so much going on that I didn't know where to or who to turn to and also to see if anyone would really notice and contact me.

Right in the middle of selling my house, I had bariatric surgery and then moved 2 weeks laster. It was a 6 week recouperation process and I was unable to do anything.

My new house is roomier and I'm happier living in it (minus the kitchen & bathroom) but the basement is still jam packed with boxes.

I went to my first "event" a few weeks ago when I went to the picnic. I reconnected with some people and even met a potential new boy for me. We'll see how that goes.

I want to start the monthly munches back up though since no one has questioned their absence, I really do wonder if anyone is even interested anymore.

I had my tea party yesterday and that went really well! The house looked nice, the company was wonderful and the yummies were just that!

I'm looking forward to Christmas at my house and then the following Saturday is my After Christmas Regifting Party. Looks like we'll be having a dip party! That could be very interesting :)

I hope all is well with you... and wish you a very happy and safe Christmas and/or Holiday Season.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Dominant Woman

We often associate dominant women with whips, chains and a pitiful man groveling at their feet while licking a pair of vinyl boots. This certainly occurs with some regularity, but you may be surprised to learn that dominance doesn’t always translate into sadism. On the contrary, many dominant women play the superior role in relationships simply because their man hasn’t learned how to dominate them. She may be strong-willed, feisty and independent, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be ravished like any other female might. If you’re ready to take charge in the bedroom, the following tips will show you precisely how to sexually dominate a dominant woman.

Take the lead
Dominant women tend to be physically aggressive in the bedroom; these are the chicks who’ll throw you down on the bed and ride you like a champion. While this vision may appeal to most men, allowing this to happen on a regular basis puts you in a subservient role -- and that’ll carry over into other areas of your relationship. If you want to wear the pants, you’re going to have to show her you can. To dominate a dominant woman, the next time she pounces, turn the tables and flip her onto her back. Keep her firmly (but not painfully) pinned to the bed and let her writhe for a bit. As she struggles to regain the upper hand, calmly let her know you’re going to be in charge for the rest of the evening. Her panties will be soaked by the time you finish the sentence. Just be prepared to deliver the goods, as you’re bound to have one horny woman on your hands.

Maintain eye contact
Proper eye contact is extremely important when it comes to asserting dominance. A truly dominant man or woman can influence a less dominant person with the subtlest of glances. When two dominant people are vying for the role of leader, however, subtlety is no longer an option. Your vixen will try to dominate you by staring straight into your eyes and giving you a wicked grin that promises sexual submission on her terms. Most men, when faced with a woman like this, turn to jelly and happily let her do whatever she pleases. To dominate a dominant woman, however, it’s crucial you don’t fall for this move. Lower your eyelids slightly and stare back while returning that wicked little grin; this tells her she’s going to have to do much better than that if she wants to play Dom. It also tells her you’re capable of the same tricks, which will make her wonder what else you’ve got up your sleeve. While these thoughts are going through her mind, she’s likely to break eye contact and look away -- this is a good indication she’s open to being dominated.

More ways to dominate a dominant woman…

Make her beg
Begging is the ultimate sign of submission, and it can be an incredibly sexy experience for both individuals. When trying to dominate a dominant woman, the idea is to show her how much she really wants you to dominate her, in spite of all those verbal denials she keeps making. The easiest way to accomplish this is via oral sex. Turn her on as you would any other woman, spending lots of quality time on her clitoris. When she reaches the point of moaning and thrashing, back off a bit. That’s right; slow down. Let your tongue explore another area for a few seconds, nibble her inner thigh, etc. Keep lavishing attention on her body, but avoid the clitoris at all costs. The mix of sexual frustration and sexual stimulation will make her want you a thousand percent more than she did when she thought orgasm was imminent. A dominant woman will likely demand you direct your attention back to her clitoris, which, you will of course do -- just as soon as she begs for it. You’ll probably have to insist more than once, but when she finally gives in, her orgasm is bound to be explosive.

Tell her what you’re going to do
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Guide her hands
Dominant women do what they want, when they want. She’s fully accustomed to grabbing a man and pulling him in for a long, deep kiss before she takes over completely. When dealing with women like this, it’s important you’re clear from the start regarding who is leading whom. This means even the kissing is done on your terms. If she slides her fingers through your hair and draws you near, dominate a dominant woman by taking hold of her hands and sliding them around your neck instead. This move tells her you’re happy to have her hands on you, but that she will not be using them to assert dominance. If she’s pawing at your body like she owns it, intercept her hands and guide her palms across her own body. The thrill of having control taken away, combined with a sexy mutual exploration of her own curves, will have her purring in no time.

turning the tables
While it’s true that some dominant women only enjoy sex when a man is groveling, there are plenty of dominant women out there who prefer what dominant men have to offer in the bedroom. These women like a good challenge, as long they’re respected in the process. Don’t let the feisty chicks intimidate you, and don’t assume they aren’t worth the effort; dominating a dominant woman can take sex to a whole new dimension. Score one of these vamps in the bedroom, and you stand to score the best sex of your life.The Original Article

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camp Crucible

Where to begin? I wanted to write about this last week when it happened but a lot has happened since I returned home too.

I attended Camp Crucible with my boy jack. We stayed in a cabin that would have slept 12 people. It was a bit more rustic than I would have liked, but I survived. The day after we arrived, another Femdom and her boy arrived shortly followed by a single male sub.

I've been to Black Rose Conventions every year except 2001, and I was at the first Dark Odyssey event. They don't even begin to compare to Camp Crucible. One of the many things I enjoyed about it was the fact that we all had meals together. We tried to sit with different people each time so we could get to know more people.

I FINALLY had my first fantasy ever brought to fruitation. I chained jack up to a tree naked while others walked by or rode the ever popular crucible cabs and made comments to jack... who the poor thing, couldn't say a word! I'd been thinking of that since I was 6 and out on the playground.

Some of the other things that I did: put him in the cock stocks outside and teasingly tortured him, chained him to the bed while I went outside and played with someone else, explore various opportunities in water sports, humiliated him with pork & beans, made him do rude things to a banana peel and set up a surprise kidnapping scene. Surprisingly, not once did he wear his pink ballerina outfit. He did however serve me and many other Femdoms as a sissymaid at the Victorian Tea.

I actually took a list of things that I wanted to do with him or to him and got everything accomplished but one. Guess I'll have to save that for next time!

The only thing I was disappointed about was the fact that I purchased a new swimsuit and the water was too cold to go swimming. Swimsuits are optional but not for this Lady. :)

We are definitely looking forward to attending again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

WOW! That's what I have to say! I thought Mother's Day would be sad knowing that my children were going to their paternal Grandparent's house for Mother's Day dinner.
My daughter asked if I could make lunch as opposed to the dinner that I really wanted to prepare. I agreed (reluctantly thinking my children would eat and run to get to Grandma's) and on Saturday went to Coscos' to plan the meal. Mr. Man was trying to get me to purchase items that would require no prep-work so I could sit and relax. "And do what?" I asked him. "Relax" he said. I blinked as though he were speaking a foreign language. He told me I do too much, and I began to cry. I told him I don't know what to do if I'm not doing something! And wow! Did I realize what a control-freak I really am at that moment. I want to do it all! I want it completely my way. I used to joke about it, but didn't realize how true it really is.

Back home, my daughter and I decided to invite EuroTrashGirl over for our Mother's Day festivities since her children will not return home to her until evening.

After cleaning the house and shopping and buying new plates, table clothes, serving dishes, and preparing the food (and being exhausted), my Mother's Day Mood had shifted to one of happiness and joy from all the planning and decision-making!

On Mother's Day, my daughter went to pick up 2 of my son's (my step-son had to work). My mother arrived first. EuroTrashGirl and my youngest son and daughter came at the same time. My oldest couldn't come because of a stiff neck. I could see the concern for him my daughter had when she told me. I was happy to see my youngest since he seldom comes over, and of course having my daughter home after being gone for 3 years was a joy. We sat and talked while Mr. Man fired up the grill and put the monsterous burgers and the 4-cheese sausages on the grill. My mom made marinated boneless chicken thighs. There was enough food for an additional 6 people. Everyone ate and enjoyed themselves. I had purchased a book called, .Every Mom Should Have a Book Like This"" with various quotes from famous people regarding their love for their mothers. I gave that and a beautiful box filled with gourmet cookies. We are also going to the Opera on Friday to see Madame Butterfly.

My daughter gave her Grandma, EuroTrashGirl and myself a very pretty painted pot with 3 different types of flowers in it. My Mom gave me pretty pink flowers with pink roses and EuroTrashGirl gave me a gorgeous arrangement of exotic flowers.

I then received the icing on the cake! My daughter and my sons each painted me a different style of glass with something that was meaningful on it. My youngest gave me a wine glass with a rainbow painted around it. On the foot of the glass, he painted the sun, the moon, the stars and the rainbow... the symbols for each of my genetic children. I was moved near tears! The next gift I opened was a martini glass with a penguin painted on it, with snow falling in the background and the snow drifts on the stem and foot of the glass. Wow! My son loves penguins and I've always loved them as well. The last gift came from my daughter. A wine goblet painted with a beautiful red flower from the top of the stem to midway up the goblet. Happy Mother's Day was painted on it and the stem was elaborately finished with beading and celestial symbols.

I was impressed. I knew that other than not seeing 2 of my boys that day (they both did call), I was and am the luckiest mother in the world!

Mom, I love you! EuroTrashGirl, thank you for being a part of a wonderful day in my family! Mr. Man, thank you for making sure I didn't go nuts over-over planning, and for cooking on the grill. Sunshine, & Rainbow thank you for a very memorable Momma's Day!

Oh Yeah! And we played a game of Compatability! I was partnered with EuroTrashGirl, Mr. Man was partnered with my Mom, and my children were partnered together. It's a really cool game about finding out how much you know about your partner by trying to figure out which images they attribute to the chosen topic. I love it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friendship and Dinner

The weekend started off by having dinner with good friends. There were six of us, Mr. Man, Sunshine (my daughter), Tapestry, Pirate Daddy, EuroTrashGirl and myself. My friends Tapestry and Pirate Daddy have shared their wonderful friends with me and I am blessed to be able to include them in my life. EuroTrashGirl is truly special. She's intelligent, witty, humorous, honest, intuitive and dammit she just makes me laugh! Like Tapestry, I feel like I've known her for a very long time.

EuroTrashGirl came over to my house after her children were picked up and we hung out for a few minutes before heading to one of my favorite restaurants. It's located in Greektown in Highlandtown; Samos

After we arrived and put our name on the list, Tapestry, Pirate Daddy and Mr. Man showed up. Tapestry handed me a bag and told me it was a gift from Pirate Daddy and herself. I was thrilled when I pulled out the bottle of wine. They know me so well!!!
How perfect! I felt so loved and so understood! Thank you both!!! I opened the wine with dinner and shared it with everyone. HEY! I MAY be a Bitch! But I'm a giving one!

From a website: 2006 Bitch Grenache South Australia

This ain't your Daddy's Grenache. This is a wine about pleasure. Subversive pleasure. Not everyone needs to approve in order for YOU to have pleasure. Winemakers will tell you that Grenache is a bitch to grow. And, it's a bitch to make. It's a wine that can easily be vapid, but potentially as profound as wine gets. The Bitch is from Barossa. It's mainly Northern Barossa fruit. Mainly bush vine, but also some trellised vineyards. Chris Ringland makes the wine. The wine sees no oak. The objective of the wine is to provide pure, explosive, unadulterated, hedonistic, uncompromising, juicy Grenache. 90 points from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: "Bitch Grenache is sourced from 40- to 60-year-old vines from the Ebenezer sub-region of the Barossa. With the price of Cotes du Rhone soaring due to the weak dollar, I am hard pressed to think of a better value in full-flavored Grenache. The 2006 Bitch Grenache received no oak treatment. Medium ruby-colored, it presents an alluring bouquet of earth, smoke, rhubarb, cherry, and strawberry. Supple, sweet, and tasty, this wine totally over-delivers for its humble price and is an exceptional value."

We celebrated that night, friendships that are giving, caring, warm, funny mixed in with love and admiration. To all of those who there... I love you all. Thank you for touching me deeply.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What was for dinner and other random thoughts

So we're laying in bed last night and I started thinking about my busy day. I then started thinking about dinner and what we had and where we went. We go out to dinner most nights. Working & commuting 12 hour days takes it's toll on me as well as the fact that we've spent the last 4 or 5 weekends packing and moving, so we have dinner out.

For the life of me I couldn't remember where we went or what we ate. I started laughing out loud as I recalled..... I'd made dinner! It was turkey tetrazzini and a salad.

Once I told him why I was laughing, he told me "it's because you ordered Iced-Tea".

We went to Hershey Park a few weeks ago with two submissives. Afterwards, we went out for dinner. Greta Von Pet ordered a beer and was carded. Pita looked at the waitress and saw that her uniform had a button on it that said, "We card up to 39 1/2". Pita became offended because he's not 39 1/2 yet and said to the waitress... "Hey! How come you didn't card me?" The waitress and I both said at the same time... "It's because you ordered Iced-Tea!"

That line will stay around for quite some time I'm sure.